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How CookHuX Increased Their Click‑Through Rates

Companies regularly need to make resource-allocation decisions that involve trade-offs among their Marketing strategies. However, in another different dimension, consumers share their opinions, experiences and ratings of products. The idea is to provide superior customer value and this requires the formulation of a marketing strategy.

Example of Block setting

The objectives were: Improving their audience discovery process

What the consumer thinks of the company’s products and those of its competitors? How can the product be improved in their opinion? How the customers use the product? What is the customer’s attitude towards the product and its advertising? What is the role of the customer in his family?

Consumer behaviour is a complex, dynamic, multidimensional process, and all marketing decisions are based on assumptions about consumer behaviour.

To achieve it we need the following elements:

The Consumer, The External Analysis, The Competition, The Conditions, Market Segmentation, Need Set, Demographic and Psychographic Characteristicsm, Target Segment, Product, Price Distribution (Place), Service

The results of all these investigations led to the following results:

A 250% increase in signups

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