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We’re pioneering “AI in product differentiation”, helping companies gain competitive advantage – using data to take better and generate business value.

In recent years the concept of competitive advantage has taken centre stage in discussions of business strategy; that is why, one of the major challenges organizations face today is how to have a competitive advantage. The pursuit of competitive advantage is at the root of organizational performance and as such understanding the source of sustained competitive advantage has become a major area of study in the field of strategic management.

We’re on a mission to simplify the complex market research industry we’ve known and loved for decades. Our customers trust us because we help them discover the source of sustainable competitive advantage, which has become a major area of study in the field of strategic management. What’s more, we have a unique AI-based platform that enables us to deliver compelling results at competitive costs.

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By focusing all our energy and expertise (Market research, Product testing, Prototype testing, WOM) on connecting consumers of consumer goods and Manufacturers (FMCG) via a unique and independent platform, we are reinventing a better future for your industry.

We are dedicated to building a diverse community, one where employees feel a sense of belonging, and are valued for their contributions and the perspectives they bring.

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