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Last Updated: September 18, 2020

LReply owns and operates digital products, including: www.lreply.com and other websites and applications; newsletters and other content that we disseminate via email and on social media pages.

Your use of the Sites and associated products and services, regardless of the support, is subject to the terms, conditions and disclaimers set out below; Our online privacy policy and all applicable laws and regulations. In addition, LReply reserves the right to terminate access to the sites for any reason, and to take any action other than LReply, at its sole discretion, believes it is in the interest of the company and some or all of its users and customers. The Company (LReply) reserves the right to amend these disclaimers, terms and conditions of access, without notice if it wishes.


Access to the site is free. Access to lreply.com does not create a professional service relationship or any other relationship with LReply. The site is provided only for your personal and non-commercial use.

You cannot develop or derive for the commercial sale of data in a machine-readable or other form that incorporates or uses a substantial portion of the sites, nor transfer or store data residing or exchanged on sites in an electronic network for use by more than one user unless you obtain prior written permission from LReply. Specifically, unless explicitly authorized in these Terms and Conditions or by the owner of the documents, you may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, download, publish, transmit, translate, sell, create derivative works, exploit or distribute in any way. or support any material from the sites. For more information on requesting permission to reproduce or distribute documents from sites.

Intellectual Property

LReply’s products, including third-party materials and licensed on sites, may not be modified, reproduced, republished, broadcast or displayed except for personal use. Any use for commercial or public purposes requires specific written permission from LReply.


If a provision or part of these Terms and Conditions is found to be in whole or in part unenforceable for any reason, the rest of this provision and the entire agreement will be dissociable and will remain in effect, to the full extent consistent with the intent of that document.

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