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We have a talented executive management team

Christoph Konrad

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Konrad is responsible for the overall leadership and vision of the Company

Prior to LReply, Christoph was at WestMedia, a global media and entertainment company, for nearly 8 years.

Maggie Achucarro

Assistant to the Management

Svetlana Barovskaya

Svetlana Barovskaya
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Barovskaya ist responsible for Product Management, Data and Analytics, and Loyalty.

Willy Claude Makend

Willy Claude Makend
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Makend is currently Senior Principal Software Engineer for LReply.

He spent 4 years as the Chief Software Architect for the management of multi-dimensional supplier evaluation in two of the largest car manufacturers in the world.

His research interests include database systems, Software engineering, Operating Systems, Supplier Database Systems, Storage System, Network Management, distributed Systems.

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